Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge

In 2024, my local library is leading another annual reading challenge, the Library 24 in 2024 reading challenge.

About the Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge

The Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge is a moderate-effort reading challenge comprising 24 reading tasks. There are approximately 8 core reading tasks, each focusing on reading a book that takes place on a different continent or geographical location. Each task is repeated twice. There are also several free choice tasks, adding to the flexibility of the challenge.

This is challenge of moderate difficulty level. Readers who already enjoy books from different cultures and locales will likely find the tasks fit naturally within their current reading plans. One challenge—to read a book that takes place in Antarctica—is likely the most difficult, due to the relatively remote nature of Antarctica. The challenge accounts for this and allows readers to choose a book from an alternative location.

Readers completing the challenge can expect to be exposed to a variety of new customs and traditions, although genres will likely be limited as most speculative fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy books will not fit the task requirements.

Why I’m doing the challenge

I can’t resist an opportunity to participate in a program at my local library! The promise of a completion prize makes the endeavor that much more enticing.

In addition, since most of the challenge tasks align well with my reading preferences and the other 2024 reading challenges I’m participating in, I don’t expect I will require significant extra effort to complete the challenge.

My reading strategy for the Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge

The challenge tasks will require a bit of stretching for me as I don’t always intentionally vary the geographical settings of my books. However, I have a number of geographically disparate books on my TBR list, so I will try to prioritize those to complete the challenge this year.

Given that the amount of books needed to complete the task is moderate compared to my usual annual pace, I am confident I can finish the challenge by December.

My challenge progress

As of May 30, I have completed xx% of the Library 24 in 24 Reading Challenge.

A reader’s perspective on the Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge

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Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge Vertical

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Complete list of books for the Library 24 in 2024 Reading Challenge

Consider these books to fulfill tasks for this reading challenge.

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