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Month in Reading: May 2024

Book Roundup Month in Reading

May was a rare month—a month of themed reading! This month’s theme was focused on artificial intelligence, one of my favorite topics. Read on for the thought-provoking details.

AI: The topic of the month

I tend to read books about a variety of topics/subjects each month, but this month was a rare one in which I focused on just one topic: artificial intelligence. AI is the one of the greatest technological disruptors of our time. I believe history will eventually rank AI among the likes of the Internet, social media, fire, and the steam engine as far as great inventions that had an indelible impact on humanity. This month’s reading dove deeper into AI, its history, and its potentiality.

This month, I read 3 books, all non-fiction. I started with Breaking Twitter, which covered AI only tangentially since Elon Musk was an early investor in OpenAI and has gone on the record with his concerns about AI and humanity’s future. The other books were exclusively focused on AI.

In May of 2024, I read 3 books, all non-fiction.

I read a respectable 1,093 pages this month, although this number is somewhat inflated. One of the books I read, Four Battlegrounds, had an extensive bibliography which covered over 100 pages. I retired 14 reading challenge tasks.

I read 1,093 pages this month, all non-fiction.

A month of interesting reads on AI

I enjoyed each of the books I read this month. The best of the books was History of Artificial Intelligence. My philosopher’s heart was happy and my technologist’s mind was captivated! The other books held my interest as well and were excellent introductions to their topics. Accordingly, 1 book earned a 4-star rating while 2 earned 3-star ratings.

Most books this month were rated 3 stars; 1 earned 4 stars.

The quality of the books raised the monthly average of this month’s ratings to 3.33.

The average rating for books this month was 3.33

Reading highlights from May 2024

Breaking Twitter Book Review 16 Things BOOK COVERBreaking Twitter: Elon Musk and the Most Controversial Corporate Takeover in History

Billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of popular online communication platform Twitter disrupted not just the world of social media and politics but the Twitter workplace itself. Ben Mezrich’s book takes an inside look at what happened behind the scenes.

16 Things to Know | 10 Takeaways | Book Journal Prompts

10 TAs AI History Book Review BOOK COVERA Brief History of Artificial Intelligence: What It Is, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going

Step into an exciting recap of the evolution of AI, from its beginnings as a philosophical mathematical concept to its implementation, iteration, and, finally, limitation.

10 Takeaways

8 KTAs Battlegrounds BOOK COVERFour Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, one of the greatest technological and cultural disruptors of our time. This thought-provoking book examines how AI could also influence global power dynamics.

8 Key Ideas

May 2024 reading in a single chart

Who doesn’t love a good tree map? Here’s a summary of the month in reading in a single chart.

Interested in watching a video recap of this month in reading? Check out the video recap of my May 2024 Month in Reading.

Memorable Moments from May 2024

  • Reading at Disneyland. I enjoyed several solo days at Disneyland doing my favorite thing—reading! There’s nothing like enjoying an audiobook while walking through the crowds, as well as making the most of a long attraction line by devouring a good book. (Stay tuned for a post on my tips and tricks for reading at Disneyland!)reading day
  • Generating amazing book art for Breaking Twitter. My favorite AI image generation tool, Midjourney, released a new feature that allowed users to randomly select art styles for their images. I was blown away by the cool artwork I generated! Using all the artwork was part of the reason I published a whopping 3 posts about the book! 😁
  • Expanding my Book Journal Prompt content pages. I decided to try using generative AI tools like ChatGPT to create book club/book journal prompts, and found a whole new form of blog content to dive into! The content type combines my interest in AI with my enjoyment of image generation, editing, and book journaling. I look forward to publishing journal prompts for most books I read.
  • Created new content types. This month was a creative time for book blog! I created a new structured book summary called 10 Takeaways that borrows from the 16 Things format but is specifically tailored for non-fiction and non-narrative books. I also developed a new free printable type: word search!may24 word search printable Vertical
  • Developing new Reading Challenge pages. I have long had a goal to revamp the Reading Challenges section of my reading blog. I finally found a pocket of time to dive in! I have a new format for the pages, new artwork, and a new site structure that I will be building out over the next few months. It’s been so much fun to revisit past challenges and get excited for the new ones!

Coming up in June 2024

I do something I almost never do—read a book that’s over 500 pages!