Hi! Welcome to Eve-Marie Reads.

I’m Eve-Marie: writer, reader, marketer, MBA, JD, mom, wife, and daughter. Yes, that’s quite a list. (Hence, my posts are sporadic.)

Eve-Marie Reads is my little corner of the Internet where I talk books, books, and more books. I’ll mostly be sharing my own opinions of books I’ve read as well as reader recommendations and contemplative prompts. Peppered between those book reviews, I hope to share readalikes, roundups, and roundabouts (stories from my experience as a lifelong reader.)

Thanks for joining me. Happy Reading!

My life in books

Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would wander around the local library on Saturday mornings, looking up topics in the card catalog (!), finding books on new and unfamiliar subjects, and checking out as many as my little arms could carry. My favorite place to be as a youngster was between the pages of a book. In fact, I took books with me everywhere—from dinners out to Dodger games.

Once I got a little older, I found great joy in documenting my reading adventures, writing little book reports after every book I read. How I loved thumbing through the pages of that purple 3-ring binder, reminiscing about stories once forgotten and then vividly remembered.

As an adult, I evolved my documenting practice with a more data-centric approach. I track what I read in a massive spreadsheet and enjoy slicing and dicing the data to make interesting charts.

But nothing compares to that old book report binder. So I started this blog to recapture that feeling (and save a few trees 😀).

My reading preferences

My tastes tend to skew toward non-fiction, but I’m an open-minded reader. I participate in many online reading challenges to expand my horizons. Some of the more notable explorations include a book featuring a dinosaur as a protagonist, a novelette starring a homicidal senior citizen, and a story spotlighting corporate zombies.